Welcome to RoCK Software

RoCK Software is an award winning software company, based in the UK, with over 20 years of software development experience. Our goal is to make our applications fast, simple, feature rich and affordable.


 The RoCKSoftware team consists of Richard Mace and Ashley Hayward.


photo RMRichard's bio :

Richard has been in software development since the 1990's. Richard's role at RoCKSoftware, is software development, technical support and documentation. Richard also has a keen interest in VoIP and has built, and maintains several open source based solutions.


Me copyAshley's bio:

Ashley has been in engineering and technology since 1984. Moving more into I.T.based systems in 1999 and has several years experiance as an educational network manager. Ashley enjoys writing code and making things, the most recent project is his home made segway. His role at RoCKSoftware is product development and QA, some coding and web development.