RoCKNet Agent Installation

RoCKNet Agent's can be installed by either running the Agent Deployment Wizard, or, by running the Agent setup file directly on the machine that you require the Agent to be running on, and then selecting, "Add Agent".
  • Installing the Agent manually.

    Run the Agent setup file manually (RNetAgentSetup.exe), and all the required files will be copied to the correct location and will also install the Agent service.  You will then be able to see the service within control panel, where it can be manipulated as normal. Then, all that is required, is for the Agent to be 'added into' to RoCKNet Admin, so that the Admin can start working with it. To do this, simply click on the "Add Agent" button, and select the "Agent already installed" option.
  • Running the Agent Deployment Wizard

    The Agent Deployment Wizard is invoked, by RoCKNet Admin, when the, 'Add Agent' option is selected.

    Please note, this same wizard is invoked even when the Agent was manually installed, as above. If this is the case, simply choose the, 'Agent already installed' option.

    The initial screen, of the wizard, is shown below:

    If the Local option is selected, the RoCKNet Agent setup wizard will be invoked on the local PC, where it will be installed as a service.

    If the Remote option is selected, RoCKNet will first check for a file called PsExec.exe. This free tool is required to perform the remote Agent installs. If the file is not detected, RoCKNet will let you know, and then take you to the following link, where PsExec.exe can be freely downloaded:

    Once PsExec.exe has been download, put the file in the same location as the RoCKNetAdmin.exe file and click next where the below screen will be displayed:

    PC Name to deploy to:
    This is the name of the PC on your network, where a push installation will be performed.

    Domain user:
    This is the user, including the domain, of a user that has the permission to perform a remote installation onto the remote PC.

    This is the password, of the above user, that has the permission to perform a remote installation onto the remote PC.
    Please note, for "security reasons", this password is NOT stored by RoCKNet.