RoCKNet Admin Installation

Double click on the RoCKNetAdminSetup.exe and navigate through the setup wizard. By defult, the installer will install a RoCKNet Agent and the Firebird database.

On running RoCKNet Admin for the first time, you will be presented with the following screen:

After clicking OK, you will be presented with the next screen:

Most of the details have already been populated for a standard Firebird installation. The main two settings that are important are:

Host: This will be the IP address, or host name, of the PC that has the Firebird Database software installed on. If you've installed Firebird on the same PC as you are installing RoCKNet Admin on, you can put in the local IP address of However, if you've installed Firebird on a server within your LAN called "FILESVR1" then you would either enter FILESVR1 or the static IP address of FILESRV1

RoCKNet Database Location (relative to the server): This is the location that will contain the Firebird database, relative to the server. For example, if you have installed the Firebird Database on a server called FILESRV1, and that server had a D drive, you could create a folder called: D:\RoCKNet\ and then simply add "D:\RoCKNet\". If you were installing it locally, you can accept the default Public Documents folder as displayed.

Clicking OK, will display the following screen:

RoCKNet Admin has everything it needs to create (and upgrade in future versions) the database it requires, to store information.
If you are installing your first RoCKNet Admin on your network, you simply select, "Create new database", however, if you are wanting to connect to an existing RoCKNet Database, choose, "Connect to existing".

After clicking OK, RoCKNet Admin will either create, or connect to your database, and will then show you the next screen:

RoCKNet requires that every user that runs RoCKNet Admin, first logs in. As you are the first user to install RoCKNet Admin, you will automatically become the Administrator after entering, "add yourself as a new user".

After adding yourself as a new user, you will be presented with the login screen, where, on successful login you will be presented with the main RoCKNet Admin screen.