RoCKNet is FREE for up to 10 Jobs, then, if you'd like to add more Jobs, there is a very cost effective licensing model as below.

Please click on the links below to purchase a license for the Jobs you require:

Click here to purchase a 50 Job license

Click here to purchase a 250 Job license

Click here to purchase an Unlimited license

After purchasing your license, simply email us your unique "Activation Key" to by do the following:

Simply click on, "Help - License", where the screen below will be shown:

1) First, select, from the drop down, the amount of Jobs that you've purchased a license for.

2) email us your unique, "Activation Key" that has now been automatically generated for you.

3) We will quickly email you back with your unique, "Registration Code" which you simply copy and paste into the, "Registration Code" field.

4) Click OK and re-start RoCKNet Admin for your license to be activated.

You only have to enter your license once, regardless of how many RoCKNet Admin's or Agent's you are using on your network.